Greater Love & Faith Ministries - A church you can come home to.
OUR MINISTRIES: We welcome you and your family to join us and participate in these ministries after completing covenant partner classes.
Men's fellowship- reaching out to and teaching, young and old to be godly strong men after God's own heart.
Women's fellowship- women of God working with all our sisters to grow into virtuous women of God.
Intercessory Prayer- A special time set aside to pray God's will for our leaders, those in authority, the lost and dying souls, and all those who ask and need us to pray for their needs.
Youth Ministry- where we make an effort to reach our youth of all ages to help them see that God is the answer to the stresses and pressures of childhood. We teach the biblical principles and provide special activities and events to allow them to practice skills learned.
Other Ministries: Married Couples Ministries, Hospital/Nursing Home Ministries, Dance Ministry, Feed the Homeless Ministry, and young single mother's ministry.

 January 2019

January 27th Ordination Service at 10:45 am 
January 29th Minister's class @ 6:00 pm


February 1st - Super Bowl Prayer Time (shut in) @ 10:00 pm to 6:00 am
February 13th - Annual Church meeting @ 6:30 pm
February 28th - March 3rd - Women's Conference

902 SE 10th Terrace
Gainesville, FL 32601-8100
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